What are the graduates of the school up to now?

Impacts 2022

In France and abroad, in product design, graphic design, interactive design, space design, 20 former students of the school talk about their professional careers and the commitment they share: to imagine and build the world in which they intend to make us live better tomorrow.

These 20 alumni have accepted to be interviewed to present their jobs to us. Whether they are integrated into a company, an agency or are independent, this young generation illustrates the diversity and richness of the design professions. It also highlights the responsibility and commitment with which they practice their profession.

Finally, they embody a discipline that has evolved considerably: design has become strategic today for all organizations and companies that are thinking about their future by integrating societal and environmental issues.

The entire team of the Nantes Atlantique School of Design is proud to present the richness and success of these 20 designers who are moving the lines.

20 designers de L’École de design Nantes AtlantiquePortraits of graduates from Impacts 2022
Published on 22.06.22