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Impacts 2022: Clemence Palvadeau, Alumni 2014

Ephemeral spaces for american TV series with Clémence Palvadeau

Streaming platforms and series production have grown considerably with the health crisis the planet is currently going through.

Promoting sustainable consumption and production methods on film sets

This boom, along with more sedate lifestyles, has led to a surge in the production of television series. Many of them are filmed in Toronto. "The center and its skyscrapers closely resemble New York and the cost of production is very attractive" says Clémence Palvadeau.

Under the direction of the production designer, she created sets for Season 4 of Workin’ Moms (Netflix), Season 5 of The Expance (Prime Video) and more recently for the first Season of a brand new crime series Pretty Hard Cases airing on the Canadian channel CBC, and potentially later on streaming platforms.

Clémence PalvadeauClémence Palvadeau

"The constraints are exclusively based on time management and production budgets"

Clémence Palvadeau
Assistant production Designer

The structure of a room, the walls, a table, chairs, the detail of a lamp, her role is to translate the concepts created by the production designer. The 2D and 3D creations are then sent directly to the set construction workshop.

"The constraints are exclusively based on time management and production budgets" explains Clémence.

"This job is very intense, you have to adapt to the pressure because a delay in the delivery of a set can have important consequences on the technical and artistic teams" she says. "You have to be very flexible, because it is not uncommon for us to have to modify a plan for the next day, and when this happens, the sets are then built and painted during the night".

Clémence Palvadeau Impact 2022

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Published on 08.11.22