Impacts 2022 - Nicolas Dussouil, Alumni 2018

Design for ecological and solidarity-based transition

Embarking on a transition of solidarity by reducing inequalities in access to care. 

Crutches, lumbar belts, nit treatments, shower gel, toothpaste, infant milk, food supplements, the list of parapharmacy products that are no longer used or thrown away is regrettably long. "Until now, many of these products were thrown away because they were past their expiry date. However, they are still quite usable" observes Nicolas, vice-president and treasurer of the association Pharma Solidaires. This non-profit organization, created in May 2019 by pharmacist Sami Tayb-Boulahfa, aims to promote the reuse of medical devices and the donation of parapharmacy products.

"We campaign for a circular economy that intends to accelerate the change in the production and consumption model in order to limit waste and promote the reuse of products" explains Nicolas, who wears the hats of graphic designer, communication manager, patronage manager and also logistician within the association.

By bringing together students, retired pharmacists, corporate sponsorship managers and social workers, Nicolas "doesn’t see design as anything other than a team effort." By combining his job as a UX/UI designer at Devoteam Creative Tech and his volunteer work with the Pharma Solidaires association, Nicolas has found a balance that allows him to put his design expertise to good use in both innovative projects and the general interest.

Nicolas Dussouil
Nicolas Dussouil

Nicolas Dussouil

Since 2019 : UX/UI Designer, Axance by Devoteam, Paris, France

Since 2019 :  UX/UI Designer, Pharma solidaires, Volunteer work, Paris, France

2018/2019 : UX+UI Designer, Expertise for quatre.zéro agency, Viroflay, France

2018 : Master’s degree in design and Master’s in Business management and administration, University of Nantes

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Published on 24.03.23