Impacts 2022: Benjamin Roret, Alumni 2015

Eco-design at the heart of the creative experience

This new generation toiletry bag, co-designed by Benjamin, founder of Studio Zig Design, for the brand Antarctiqua is composed of several modules.

Whether you’re going on a trip, to work or to the gym, this modern-day vanity can hold all kinds of products (liquid soap, solid shampoo, toothpaste tablets) and accessories (toothbrush, razor, jewelry, comb).

"Even if its appearance is rather minimalist, the product is full of technical innovations. In fact, many patents have been filed for its design. We have chosen to prototype as many parts as possible in order to test and validate the sets before launching production. My extensive knowledge of the industrial chain allows us to be more efficient in the design and development of the parts", recalls Benjamin who worked with the company from the design phase to the industrialization of the product.

"It has a real social impact because it is not only made from a material based on rilsan, mineral powders and vegetable flours (Greenfib®), manufactured in Brittany, but its containers also make it possible to eliminate a large number of single-use products while adapting to the user."

"It is a 100% bio-sourced product". The assembly of this toiletry bag must guarantee "a perfect seal" and meet airport standards while being part of a sustainable development approach. 

Determined to have a direct impact on daily life without damaging the future, Benjamin has chosen an efficient and resilient design.

Antarctiqua / Zig DesignCrédit photo : Antarctiqua / Zig Design
Benjamin RoretBenjamin Roret, Alumni 2015 / Crédit photo : @L’Eclozr
Benjamin Roret

Benjamin Roret

Since 2016: Designer manager, Studio Zig Design, Rennes, France

2016/2018: Industrial designer, Abysse Corp, Grand-Couronne, France

2015/2016: Industrial designer, Cyltec Group, Nantes, France

2015: Vocational BA degree in Design Professions (D2M)

2014/2015: Product designer, Métalobil, Nantes, France

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Published on 06.01.23