Impacts 2022 - Maxime Quillévéré, Alumni 2017

Strengthening citizen engagement to tackle inequalities

Building innovative solutions to encourage giving: Charitips, an electronic charity gift card.

"It was in 2018. The idea started with a collection for a leaving gift," Maxime recalls. "As there was some money left over, I wanted to offer a colleague the possibility of donating this amount to a charity. At the time, I realized that this solution did not exist in France. There was no system that allowed the beneficiary to commit to the charity project of his choice. Charitips was born to meet this need.”

At first, Maxime's project took the form of a micro-enterprise in order to test the public's appetite for the idea. Then in 2020, Maxime launched the company Charitips, which he developed alongside his position as Product Designer at Shine. "I think we offer a solution that corresponds to a context where French consumer habits and lifestyles are evolving; more and more people are buying more ethically, more responsibly and with greater solidarity. With the economic, ecological and health crises, consumers are more and more inclined to want to help and make themselves useful. Our mission is to guide them by offering them appropriate digital tools." One of the unique features of Charitips is that it highlights innovative associations and foundations that respond to major contemporary issues. "We are careful to present associations whose projects have proven their effectiveness and social impact and which are totally transparent from a financial point of view."

CharitipsCredit: Charitips
Maxime Quillévéré

Maxime Quillévéré

Since 2019: CEO,, Paris, France

Since 2019: Product Designer, Shine, Paris, France

2017/2019: Principal UI UX Designer, Devialet, Paris, France

2017: Master’s degree

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Published on 03.07.23