Impacts 2022: Christophe Gouache, Alumni 2012Strategic Design Scenarios

Impacts 2022: Christophe Gouache, Alumni 2012

When design shapes the cities of tomorrow

Co-constructing future scenarios to ensure that the regions are open to all, resilient and sustainable.

When Christophe began his first year of training in 2007, public policy design was still in its infancy. "I had never heard of this profession before and I never imagined that it could become my job as a designer," he admits today.

It was a series of encounters and exchanges that fueled his thinking and led him to this area of design. His interest in social innovation issues led him to Brussels to Strategic Design Scenarios, a laboratory specialized in design applied to public innovation.

For 9 years now, he has been working on various public policy design and innovation issues with local, regional, governmental and European administrations.

With Visions + 21 - Agenda 21, created with the French Ministry of the Environment and local authorities, he has designed an experimental toolbox that allows agents, elected officials and citizens to co-construct sustainable visions of their regions over a 20 to 30 year horizon.

"The Agendas were often a list of actions that consisted of putting beehives on rooftops, installing LEDs in the city or supporting local agriculture, but there was no vision of the region as a whole. What was missing was a real development strategy that incorporated all the issues facing the region."

Visions +21, which is available free of charge on the Internet, aims to fill that gap. Developed in a collaborative manner, this tool allows communities to design a desirable and sustainable future for their city in co-creation with the inhabitants.

Strategic Design ScenariosStrategic Design Scenarios
Parcours de Christophe Gouache

Christophe Gouache

Since 2019: European Lead Expert of the Active Citizens network, URBACT, Europe

Since 2015: Lecturer at Sciences Po Lille, and trainer at the Institut National des Études Territoriales, Strasbourg, France

2014/2016: Designer in residence, Ministry of Justice, Directorate of the Youth Judicial Protection Service, Guadeloupe, France

2014: Designer, LUPI - Cité du design, Saint Étienne, France

2012: Designer in residence, La 27ème Région, Paris, France

Since 2012: Design consultant and project manager, Strategic Design Scenarios, Ixelles (Belgium)

2012: Master’s degree in design

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Published on 26.07.22