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Graduates' career paths

The success of a school is measured by the professional success of its alumni

The school is committed to the professionalization of its studies. The employment rate of 86% of young graduates is an important indicator of success and shows that this work of bringing together the business world is bearing fruit.

Today, the school has more than 3,250 graduates, all fields of study included. Whether they are in France or abroad, working for a company, in an agency or have created their own business, their career paths are many and varied. All former students are part of the Alumni community of L'École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Alumni regularly come to share their professional experience during open houses, graduation ceremonies and in the form of conferences/roundtables with the different classes. They also share their experiences on the school's website. They can be found on social networks and on the school's community platform: We design.

The We Design platform

Post your offers and consult CVs on We Design: by posting your offer on this platform, you will be able to follow it, archive it when it is filled, or modify it independently. Once your account is created, you can quickly add new offers by accessing your personalized space directly with your e-mail address and the password you have chosen!

We design


Design has become strategic for all companies that think about their future, but are our designers ready and able to occupy strategic functions and join the top-management ? This is an issue that few design schools have really addressed, yet it is essential in the recognition of design and designers.

That is why we created Impacts, to document our alumni’s journey 5, 10 and even 15 years after graduation. The success of these designers is ours, and that of all those who have participated in their education: teachers, staff and school partners. They demonstrate the diversity of the design professions and sectors of activity.

20 designers de L’École de design Nantes AtlantiquePortraits of graduates from Impacts 2022

"Our designers are everywhere, always with the same commitment, the same societal responsibility to design the world in which they intend to help us live better tomorrow."

Christian Guellerin, directeur général de l'école
Christian Guellerin
School's Executive Director
Impacts 2022
Impacts 2022

In France and abroad, in product design, graphic design, interactive design, and space design, 20 former students of the school talk about their career paths and the commitment they share: to imagine and build the world in which they intend to make us live better tomorrow.

Impacts 2019
Impacts 2019

Discover 20 portraits of Alumni of L'École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Impacts 2017
Impacts 2017

20 products and services, 20 design projects, 20 designers' stories: discover the trajectories of our Alumni, what they have become and the emblematic projects of their success.

Entrepreneurship in design

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique encourages its students and graduates to develop an entrepreneurial posture, to go as far as possible in the realization of their projects and even to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. 

The school's prospective and professionalization department directs project leaders to the most appropriate contacts and incubation centers. Some projects are incubated in the school's Design Labs

Alexia Audrain
Alexia Audrain

Alexia Audrain is the designer of the OTO hugging chair, dedicated to autistic people.

"The important thing in my entrepreneurial experience is to carry a project with human and social values. That's what we expect from tomorrow's designers."

Franck Grossel
Franck Grossel

Franck Grossel founded Instead, a company that makes eco-designed furniture from brewery grains. 

"As a cabinetmaker, on a 3rd industrial revolution approach, I wanted to evolve my profession and propose a new way of designing and understanding the products that surround us."

Discover the interviews of our graduates:

Stéphanie Martin-Petit

Career Manager

Stéphanie Martin-Petit is in charge of careers at the "Prospective and professionalization" department of L'École de design Nantes Atlantique. She assists alumni in their professional careers.

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