Visit the digital studios and workshops

Discover the school's digital workshops with Bérenger Recoules

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique provides its students with over 1,000 m² of space dedicated to creation and experimentation, enabling them to carry out their professional and personal design projects. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the school's workshops and digital studios with Bérenger Recoules, Digital Workshop Manager.

After a tour of the co-working space, Bérenger Recoules, head of the school's digital workshops, takes us into the motion capture studio, followed by the sound and camera workshops.

These spaces dedicated to digital experimentation offer students technologies linked to alternative realities (virtual, augmented, mixed), connected objects, the creation of websites or interactive scenography, artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing (3D printing, digital embroidery...) and audiovisual production (motion, video mapping, vfx, motion capture...).

Today, all design professions are affected by digital technology:

"What we do is create a bridge, a dialogue between physical and digital elements. Of course, we can also work on purely digital elements, such as virtual reality, the metaverse, websites or web services (...) One of the essential techniques, particularly with the diversity of the types of design we practice here, is to be able to hybridize the tangible and the digital, especially in fields such as transport, products, interior architecture and scenography."

Visit to the school's digital studios and workshops with Bérenger Recoules
Published on 21.12.23


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