Discover the school's mock-up workshops

Discover the school's mock-up workshops

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique provides its students with over 1,000 m² of space dedicated to creation and experimentation, enabling them to carry out their professional and personal design projects. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the school's mock-up workshops with Suânly Pinson.

After a tour of the first workshop, dedicated to working with wood, foam, plastic and assembly, Suanly Pinson, in charge of the school's mock-up workshops, takes us into the ceramics and pottery workshop, featuring potter's wheels, a ceramic kiln and an enameling booth.

We then discover the molding (plaster, silicone, concrete) and metal (transformation of all types of ferrous metals) workshops. The tour continues in the flexible materials workshop, where students have access to family sewing machines and an industrial stitcher, overlocker, heat press... Finally, we discover the paint booth, where students can safely finalize their models, and the screen-printing workshop.

"We have a very strong environmental and eco-responsible approach. We work with the Nantes St-Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry to recover scrap materials from companies. Everything from cardboard, wood, plastic, fabric, leather, etc."

Visit the school's workshops with Suânly PINSON
Published on 04.12.23


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