The school is exhibiting 4 final-year projects at Milan Design Week

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique is once again taking part in Milano Design Week from 16 to 21 April 2024, and will be exhibiting 4 final-year projects from the Design L'expo 2023 selection at the Salone del Mobile Milano.

Invited by Politecnico di Milano, L'École de design Nantes Atlantique will be taking part in the design exhibition at La Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Italy, from 16 to 21 April, to present projects linked to the theme of this year's 2024 edition: interdependence!

  • The "Pâtapâtes" project, developed by Cathelle Denoue, invites children to take part in the preparation of a meal using a range of fresh pasta products and their own tools, in line with the interdependence of resources within our food system. Discover the project
  • The "Swimo" project designed by Cloé Cordey highlights a pool bag adapted for autistic children and is part of the theme of the interdependence of social relationships linked to well-being. It highlights the role of design at the heart of social interaction. Discover the project
  • Romane Gaultier's "Adopt' un frometon" project, a platform for listing cheese producers and putting them in direct contact with consumers, highlights the interdependence of the economy and the role that design can play in complex industrial supply chains. Discover the project
  • The 'Job de raves' projectproposed by Guillaume Chuquet is an online platform dedicated to Free Party organisers and landowners to tackle the subject of political and social interdependence. Design can play a role in creating a context for dialogue. Discover the project
Job de rave
Adopt' un frometon

This international exhibition combines projects by students at Politecnico di Milano (design, architecture and engineering) with those from design universities around the world. The theme of interdependence underlines the mutual dependence and influence of entities on each other, and the idea that no element can exist or function in isolation.

Published on 05.04.24


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