projet vitoria

Vitoria - stronger than violence

From an early age, children learn by imitating the behavior of their peers. If they suffer the upbringing of neglectful, violent or absent parents, children will unfortunately grow up within a "circle of violence" that they will later reproduce.

Lucie came up with Vitoria, a therapeutic game that introduces children to a better understanding and affirmation of their emotions. Set in Brazilian favelas, a modular microarchitecture welcomes children, who can express their feelings using various mediation tools, such as light therapy and art therapy. In the long term, Vitoria offers future generations the precious ability to manage interpersonal conflicts without violence, to study serenely and to build a more harmonious collective future.

projet vitoria
projet vitoria
projet vitoria

This project has been selected as part of Design L'Expo 2023 and will be exhibited at La Cale 2 Créateurs from 24th January 2024 to 10th March 2024.

"Lucie has created a multi-disciplinary solution combining architectural and game design"

Jules Riché
ESP advisor at Studio Brazil

Violence in Brazil's favelas persists and affects children from an early age. Thanks to her involvement with the ARCA association, Lucie has created a multi-disciplinary solution combining architectural and game design. A 4-stage narrative gives children access to a tool for understanding and externalizing their emotions. Lucie has succeeded in proposing a relevant project through iterative development in the midst of the favelas and their inhabitants.Jules Riché, ESP advisor at Studio Brazil



Lucie Vallée

2023 : End of studies internship in interior design and global architecture at NAÇO Architecture, Marcelo Joulia, Paris, France

2021 - 2023 : Master’s program in the Brazil Studio, transcultural and global design double degree from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil

2021 - 2022 : Interior design and marketing communications internship at MNBR Studio, São Paulo, Brazil

2018 - 2021 : Bachelor's degree in Interior Design at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, Nantes, France

Published on 17.01.24