Orange Bleue un regard humaniste

Orange Blue: a humanistic view

The Earth is round. Based on this observation, how can we flatten this sphere without deforming it or cutting it up randomly? Even the best-known world map, the Mercator, is deformed. It favors northern countries to the detriment of southern countries and promotes a truncated mental image of the world. Global geopolitics have always been based on a skewed vision.

Imagined by Romane Lombard, in bachelor graphic design, Orange Blue is a fun and educational initiative for pupils aged 9-11 years old. Using puzzles, stamps, fabric spheres and wooden continents, they reassess the real size of the continents. With their parents’ input, they redesign a world where benevolence and respect for territories lead to greater respect for others.


This project is part of Design portfolio 2020, a selection of 36 projects from this year which bear witness to the talent, creativity and know-how developed by the students during their undergraduate studies.

Published on 01.01.22