Helping Friend

Alzheimer’s disease is an incurable neurodegenerative disease which affects mental functions. Alzheimer’s disease patients are often helped by a “natural caregiver”: a partner or child. This carer is confronted with traumatic situations due in part to the patient partially or totally forgetting routine tasks.

Imagined by Anna Vincensini, in bachelor motion design,‘Helping Friend’ is a video projection system installed in people’s homes. By projecting animations of daily tasks – eating, brushing your teeth, getting dressed - on the walls of the home, the patient becomes more self-sufficient. The natural caregiver can choose the various animations and projection time via an application. The animated character is made of plasticine and is as human and likeable as it is discreet.

This project is part of Design portfolio 2020, a selection of 36 projects from this year which bear witness to the talent, creativity and know-how developed by the students during their undergraduate studies.

Published on 29.01.21