Viens voir la musique !

Come and see the music!

How do the hard of hearing perceive music ? Léa Février Renaud, in bachelor cycle scenography, decided to design a “living music” circuit for hearing and hearing-impaired people. The idea is to mobilize one sense to stimulate another!

The experience consists of 3 steps:

  •  “Come and see the music!”

Here, the music can be felt through its vibrations. A virtual painting dances on the wall in time to the music.

  • “Come and see the sound!”

By touching the colors projected onto the walls of the second space, the audience chooses the vibrations that run through the walls and the floor.

  • “Your turn to play!”

Visitors pick up and touch colored balls to record sounds which in turn produce innovative music.


Viens voir la musique !
Viens voir la musique !
Viens voir la musique !

This project is part of Design portfolio 2020, a selection of 36 projects from this year which bear witness to the talent, creativity and know-how developed by the students during their undergraduate studies.

Published on 01.01.21