Lewis Dingley, 2020 alumni, designer in London

Meeting with Lewis Dingley in London on 26 January 2024

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique went to London to meet its graduates and immerse in their daily lives, to better understand their strategic role within their company, in an international context. Stéphanie Martin-Petit, Careers Manager, met Lewis Dingley. Lewis graduated from the school in 2020 and studied for his Masters in the school's Digital design Lab. He is now Senior Product Designer at Fresha, a leading marketplace platform for beauty and well-being.

How do you think the design professions have evolved in recent years?

I think we are in a transition stage in which we move from UX designer (research) to interface. A lot of research has been completed, many diagrams and similarities between designs exist and we no longer seek to use formats that are so different from each other so that the user is comfortable, familiar, so that he is not away from his browsing habits. So we use less UX to work more on the interface.

How is your design profession strategic?

Design is always in one way or another at the center of the company, especially in product design. Via product design, the identity of the company will be created, the user experience and the interface will make it all real. Designers are part of the design process from the beginning and this is considered the most important. Design is at the heart of the organization.

une photo Lewis Dingley devant une affiche fresha

What has L’Ecole brought you?

L’Ecole gave me visibility. It has a large network of alumni who work for top companies and this allowed me to communicate with them, to discuss their experiences, and their professional integration. I also learned a lot thanks to the projects we carried out with companies. And these partnerships on a CV are a very big asset.

Any advice for future designers?

I would advise them to work a lot on their identity. When rendering projects, the visual is still essential, the form. If you have a project on which you have worked a lot, you have done a lot of research, but you badly present it you are missing something essential.

It is your personality that is reflected in the form you choose to present your project, so it is very important to work on your identity, your uniqueness, your interpersonal skills. We all have technical knowledge. Your visual identity is essential.

une photo des locaux de fresha

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Published on 06.03.24