Blend Inspire works with students from Brazil Studio in Sao Paulo

This year, students in the ‘International Design Strategy’ master's level degree program at the Brazil Studio in Sao Paulo were able to work on a project in partnership with Blend Inspire.

Through creative solutions and events, Blend Inspire connects an international community of inspiring cultural talent with companies wishing to assert their social responsibility and the cultural commitment of their brand.

For this project, the 2 challenges for the students were as follows:

  • Bringing the Blend community to life beyond the events by strengthening the desire to belong to the Blend community
  • Measuring the impact of the connections generated by Blend and quantifying the volume of projects carried out thanks to the events.

A total of 6 final concepts were presented at Blend Inspire in the Edificio Misericórdia in the centre of São Paulo.

Brazil Studio Blend InspireSoutenance orale des étudiants du Brazil Studio pour le partenaire Blend Inspire

This project was also innovative in terms of teaching and methodology: the 2nd year master's level degree program students carried out the data analysis and field studies/user studies/context studies in order to deepen their knowledge of strategic design tools. The 1st year master's level degree program students then conceptualised and developed innovative solutions based on the work carried out by the 2nd year students! The students were supervised by Stéphane Méheux.

An exciting project at the frontiers of experiential design, entrepreneurship, management and strategy, carried out in a highly international context!

The school's Brazil Studio offers students the opportunity to complete their Master's level degree program in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a strong international context, at Mackenzie's Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (FAU), one of the most renowned in the country, founded over 150 years ago.

Published on 23.05.24


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