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The City Design Lab and the Brazil Studio work on dark design

Exploring the uses and perceptions of the city in public spaces

The school's City Design Lab and the Brazil Studio were able to offer their students joint workshops to explore perceptions of the city in public spaces in São Paulo, Recife (Brazil) and Nantes, using digital tools and artificial intelligence in particular.

At the school's Brazil Studio in Sao Paulo, Anaïs Jacquard and Nicolas Houel from L'Observatoire de la nuit led a workshop on dark design, public lighting and light safety in the streets. The workshop enabled the students to explore the uses of the city at night in the context of a Brazilian megalopolis and to showcase their projects at the prestigious LED forum.

Sophie Eberhardt, director of the City Design Lab, also led a workshop in Recife, Brazil, to :

  • Develop interactive maps based on field surveys of street traders,
  • Represent perceptions in public space and explore potential scenarios for an inclusive city.

    This workshop, run in partnership with Unicap Icam TECH, L'école nationale supérieure d'architecture de Nantes and Icam de Nantes, is part of a continuing project with Nantes Métropole on the subject of the non-sexist city. This project is being carried out as part of the cooperation between Nantes Métropole and the city of Recife, and in particular under the "Facility for financing French local authorities" (FICOL) scheme, piloted by Samoa.

    At the same time, at the digital workshop in Nantes, students from the City Design Lab used artificial intelligence to explore the parameters of our urban experience.

    In São Paulo, Sophie Eberhardt also held a seminar on regenerative design with students from the Brazil Studio. It was a great opportunity for the City Design Lab and the school's Brazilian studio to exchange ideas on new avenues of research in urban design and on the City Design Lab's roadmap!

    Published on 06.11.23


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