What does swimming mean to you? A moment of relaxation, a way to let off steam or just a break? The majority of people see swimming as a simple hobby. In fact, taking lessons isn’t accessible for everyone, so swimming remains a fairly limited and sporadic activity.

Tanguy Lecrom, during his studies in game experience design, thought up a service to help people improve their swimming. Using a fun and attractive application, learner-swimmers plan their swimming lessons and chat with their instructors about precise points. Players can test themselves on different game phases, in addition to their sessions in the pool. Each practical or theoretical activity successfully completed earns them points. In doing so, they build a virtual swimming pool while improving their swimming.


This project is part of Design portfolio 2020, a selection of 36 projects from this year which bear witness to the talent, creativity and know-how developed by the students during their undergraduate studies.

Published on 01.01.21