The Elephant of the Machines de l'Ile, emblem of the identity of Nantes!The Elephant of the Machines de l'Ile, emblem of the identity of Nantes!

Five good reasons to come and study design in Nantes!

Why come to France, and more specifically Nantes, to study design? 5 key reasons for a rewarding international experience that offers a wealth of opportunities at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

1 – An opportunity to immerse yourself in real-life contemporary France

Nantes is in France. And France, as the most popular tourist destination in the world, means: a cultural and historical heritage whose richness is universally recognized, a wealth of landscapes and regional characteristics, a distinct spirit and world vision. 4th most popular student destination, France is internationally recognized for its top-notch higher education system, with degrees guaranteed by the State.

Nantes, a major city in the West of France, is only a two-hour train ride from Paris, a creative and cultural capital; it has good connections with the rest of the country, from Lille to the island of Corsica.

Coming to study in Nantes is also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the realities of French society, with all its ups and downs.

2 – Nantes: a city to discover and enjoy

You don’t know Nantes? You’re definitely missing out…

European capital of innovation in 2020, Nantes is also the creative capital of the West of France. Demographically dynamic, the city has successfully reinvented itself as a center for creative industries, innovation and entrepreneurship, and has fostered its historical values of openness and energy.

European green capital in 2013, Nantes is renowned for the quality of its living conditions which make it one of the most popular cities for students, with an ambitious urban renovation project on the Ile de Nantes, where the school’s Design Labs are already located. An island where you may bump into an extraordinary mechanical elephant by following a green line which leads you from one art installation to another; this symbolizes a city which knows how to incorporate contemporary art into its industrial history and heritage for the greatest number of people.

3 – A one-of-a-kind design school in France

Joining L’École de design Nantes Atlantique means joining one of the most important schools in France in design education.

With nearly 1,750 students on 4 continents, the school has successfully developed an educational project based on a vocational approach, strong ties to the business world and a strong role for design as an innovation practice.

Its two diplomas are recognized by the State at the highest level: the Diplôme National des Métiers d’Arts et de Design (DN MADE), a Bachelor’s degree, and the Master’s degree in design certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The school is a partner of l’Université de Nantes and a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, alongside the top business and engineering schools. Its team of 200 professional staff and guest lecturers, its workshops and facilities are key to the students’ success and their projects

Project-based teaching in one of the best design schools in FranceProject-based teaching in one of the best design schools in France

4 – An international design school

The school team has been working for many years to provide an optimal international experience here in Nantes, and has been awarded the “Bienvenue en France” label by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since 2005, students on mobility programs have benefitted from an international class combining international and French students, and in we opened Le Studio France in 2020 in order to give international students coming here to do their master’s an even better welcome.

Poster Le Sudio France of the Nantes Atlantique School of Design

Students on this program (taught entirely in English) work on projects hosted in our Design Labs, benefitting from a truly cross-cultural approach to their immersive experience in France, with the certainty of an internationally-recognized degree.

5 – and an environment conducive to innovation

For all our students in Nantes, our Design Labs offer the opportunity to develop skills and projects on major socio-economic themes, combining research, education and innovation:

  • Care Design, on healthcare, social innovation and caring for others
  • City Design, on the transformation of cities, living spaces, mobility and services
  • Food Design, on the development of our food system
  • Digital Design, on the impact of emerging digital technologies.
  • Media Design, on the changing nature of our modes of information, communication and entertainment.

The network of the school’s partners (companies, institutions, schools and universities) ensures that projects are firmly rooted in real-world issues with a real impact. The internship periods allow students to apply the knowledge and experience gained in a professional context, in France or abroad.

One last thing? Choosing L’École de design Nantes Atlantique means joining a community of nearly 3,000 designers working on 4 continents, with employers as famous and diverse as: L’Oréal, Chanel, JCDecaux, Renault, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Airbus, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Decathlon, Seb, Le Monde, etc.

Design Labs are Research Training Innovation platforms based on an experimental approachDesign Labs are Research Training Innovation platforms based on an experimental approach
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