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The "New seniors,
new needs" Chair

A chair in partnership with the Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée

In order to anticipate the expectations of tomorrow’s seniors, Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique have joined forces to launch the "New seniors, new needs" Chair.

A design research chair to study and anticipate the needs of tomorrow's seniors

In line with and in continuity with the work of its Health and Well-being sector, Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée has signed a two-year sponsorship agreement with L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and the Care Design Lab to fund a design-led research chair focused on tools to anticipate the needs of seniors in 2040.

This chair is financed to the tune of 80,000 euros by Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée. The Loire-Atlantique and Vendée Departmental Councils are also partners.

The chair will coordinate a two-year design-led research program aimed at producing an immersive and interactive tool to allow people who are 60 years old today to anticipate their future needs in 2040 and to propose new service offers to meet them.

Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique join forces and sign a sponsorship agreementThe Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique join forces and sign a sponsorship agreement

Anticipatory design as a lever for innovation in the health and well-being sector

The "New Seniors, New Needs" Chair is designed to provide an interface between the academic and socio-economic worlds by facilitating exchanges in both directions. The objective is to allow regional actors to evoke their needs and interests to the research team of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique in order to co-construct tools and systems that meet the expectations of Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée, demonstrating the production of original knowledge.

    The chair is built around 3 main objectives:

    • Propose tools for observing and exploring needs
    • Come up with anticipation tools for future needs
    • Co-construct tools to support the design of new services adapted to the new needs of future seniors in the context of demographic, territorial and service transitions.

      It will mobilize 2nd year students from the Care Design Lab of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and 3rd year students specialized in graphic design, motion design and game design. These students are supervised by a team of professional designers and a sociologist of public action.

      Three types of territories have been selected: Nantes, an urban site, Ponchateau, a rural town and a coastal site: les Sables d’Olonne.

      "Our objective is to implement different design practices - graphic, game, motion, interaction and discursive - to propose an original and methodological protocol for exploring the projections and anticipations of the needs of people aged 50 to 60 today, taking into account the scenarios of climate, energy and demographic transition. We are very pleased about this collaboration with Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée, which will allow us to benefit from the expertise of a national player with strong regional roots and a health player in the region." Clémence Montagne, holder of the "New seniors, new needs" Chair, Director of the Care Design Lab at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

      chaire nouveaux besoins

      Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée: at the heart of the ecosystem for ageing well in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée

      In June 2020, Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée set up a "Health and good living" unit with the aim of better understanding and incorporating the "ageing well" ecosystem in order to improve its services. It has thus positioned itself as a trusted third party for seniors and their caregivers.

      "The inevitable demographic shift, the attractiveness of the Atlantic and metropolitan areas, and the continuous lengthening of life expectancy pose a challenge for the teams at Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée. Its model as a cooperative and mutual bank, facilitating transitions, has led it to unite with other stakeholders in the ecosystem to co-construct solutions that will help people age well," explains Luc Jeanneau, President of Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée.

      "The aim is to support the clients of Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée by incorporating the three elements of ageing well: well-being, home and financial solvency. The work of our "Health and Well-being" unit is in line with the medium-term "Ambitions 2025" project of the Crédit Agricole Group, which has launched a new business line, "Crédit Agricole Santé & Territoires", to facilitate access to healthcare and ageing well," adds Nicole Gourmelon, Director General of Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée.

      This year, Crédit Agricole Atlantique is strengthening this expertise by becoming a sponsor of the "New Seniors, New Needs" Chair, headed by Clémence Montagne, Director of the Care Design Lab at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

      chaire nouveaux besoins
      Updated on 25.01.23