Bright Future Session in Gijón, SpainBright Future Session in Gijón, Spain

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Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs

What is Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs?

The Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) project aims to support young people (15-30 year olds) from the set up to the launch of innovative projects linked to regional issues.

Backed by INTERREG Atlantic Area and supported by 14 partners from the Atlantic coast, the project has provided help and support to over 500 young people from different backgrounds (local missions, university) since 2017, from finding the idea to developing the project using methods largely inspired by design.

The aim of the AYCH project is to continue this momentum with a referral network of Smart Third Places at a European level.

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A contribution from the City Design Lab through tools, methods and initiatives

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique’s City Design Lab has played an active role in defining the support sites and implementing the tools throughout the development of projects, including their deployment and replicability, thanks notably to an “on-line project manual”. More recently during the lockdown, the Design Lab was heavily involved in the shift to on-line activities. Various activities were deployed and tested in the field to optimize the emergence of projects, discussions and development.

Since the beginning of the project in 2017, over 40 students have facilitated workshops from Portugal to Spain not to mention the United Kingdom and the hubs in Brest and Angoulême, using tools and protocols created during their Master’s course. Over a hundred young people have benefitted from the project via workshops, tutoring, residencies or seminars.

Find out more about all the Atlantic Youth Creative Hub initiatives on the project wiki page.

The influence of design on the creation of ideas, projects and businesses by Danae Velez.

The City Design Lab has contributed through tools and methods inspired by Design Thinking and Design FictionThe City Design Lab has contributed through tools and methods inspired by Design Thinking and Design Fiction

Latest AYCH project developments and highlights

  • European Week: project selected to be presented in Brussels (October 2020)
  • Creative Jam + Online Bright Mirror: definition of scenarios for Post Covid 19 Europe in partnership with all the hubs and the Michel Serres Center (in French)

Introduction to Bright mirror online (2020) by students from L’École de design

  • Stranger Jobs Tour (September 2019-December 2019): prospective cross reflection on tomorrow’s jobs with the University of Western Brittany and Corsica University
  • Shape My Wave, incubation program (December-April 2020)
  • Fab City Tour: residential stay to discover Fab City in Plymouth (November 2019)
  • Local Creative Jam: support provided by 3 students from the workshop lab in the city of Exmouth with the Space* organization and local partners (October 2019)

Creative Jam in Exmouth (2019), run by l’École de design

Creative Jam in Gijon (2019), revisiting the tools created by students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.
Creative Jam in Gijon (2019), revisiting the tools created by students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Interdisciplinarity and cooperation between hubs:

Team and partners
The Atlantic Youth Creative Hub team

The European Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs team brings together a group of French and international students, researchers and teachers in Nantes in the City Design Lab of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique directed by Florent Orsoni. Atlantic Youth Creative Hub is a program launched in 2017 to facilitate creative third places and support youth employment and entrepreneurship from Belfast to Porto with the support of the European Union’s Atlantic Arc Interreg program.

A collective of researchers and students for the Atlantic Youth Creative Hub team in Nantes
  • Florent Orsoni: project corrdinator

  • Florie Decamps: financial and administrative control

  • Hilda Zara: research officer
  • Philippine Mahé: designer
  • Olivier Worgague: consultant in charge of the Shape My Wave program

The following people were involved in the project:

  • Anaïs Jacquard, Marion Lefeuvre and Anne-Gaëlle Person for the pedagogy
  • Sébastien Maury, setting up the Wiki
  • Clément Gault and Charline Havart, research and project follow-up

Student and alumni ambassadors:

  • Louise Bragard
  • Adytia Joshi
  • Seunghoon Han
  • Charline Havart
  • Maurine Guingamp
  • Suzie Razafimihery
  • Danae Velez
  • Chloé Verron
Territories and partners: 4 European countries
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