The school's Media Design Lab, partner of Slash transition

The school's Media Design Lab, dedicated to the fabrication of knowledge, is a partner in the European Slash Transition project led by Trempo, to explore the place and role of sound artists in a territory in transition.

How can a sound artist support an area while consolidating his or her career in a more virtuous way? How can an artist be a player in the making of the city?

Slash Transition explores the place and role of the sound artist in an area in transition.

Launched in 2016, Slash experiments with various projects, new ways of supporting European musicians. It is led by Trempo, a Nantes-based structure dedicated to the practice, creation, training, production and distribution of emerging music, from 2023 until 2027. It is co-financed by the European Union as part of its Europe Creative program.

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co-funded by the European Union
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Slash Transition project was born from common questions shared by the project partners. Each organization works on a territory in transition (urban, social, economic, ecological, etc.) and questions the place and role of artists in these transformations.

For four years, a cooperation of seven partners will experiment with these questions. This experimentation will happen within 5 territories in transition: Innsbruck (Austria), Lisbon (Portugal), Nantes (France), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Tunis (Tunisia) with a lot of European partners (cultural centers, universities, municipalities, festivals, radio stations, etc.)

The school's Media Design Lab, dedicated to knowledge fabrication, is a partner of Slash Transition, and is leading a research-innovation project on project dissemination methods.

Media Design Lab master's students on an apprenticeship contract worked on this long-term project from October to February 2024. In particular, they were able to set up a watch to produce tools and methodologies enabling the project's stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of information and knowledge around its implementation. For the school's Lab, the aim is to implement an open documentation approach to the Slash project, and then to produce innovative dissemination tools that go beyond the strict framework of top-down project communication, or classic digital documentation. Welcome booklet, urban installation, cartography... The digital documentary space proposed by the Lab's students will fulfil 3 main functions in the service of the project's stakeholders:

  • Collaboration between stakeholders during the project period
  • The transmission function between successive project stakeholders, on the more global scale of Slash projects,
  • The dissemination function, once the project is completed, to similar projects.

Within the framework of the Slash Transition project, the Media Design Lab is thus hybridizing its three methods of action (innovation, research and training) around this issue of dissemination of the European project.

slash transitionSession de travail sur le projet

Students involved in the project :

  • Juliette BARBEY
  • Malika JIB
  • Maëlys LEONARD
  • Bastien SANCHEZ
  • Tristan CORNEC
  • Pierre-Louis FRANÇOIS
  • Julie GUERRY
  • Rose BISQUAY
Published on 23.02.24


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