Impacts 2022: Laëtitia Dupré, Alumni 2010

Thinking simultaneously about product design and space design

With the mobile mini homes TINY HOUSE ALA KÖL, Laëtitia Dupré is imagining and building new forms of habitat to develop sustainable modes of consumption and production.

When Laëtitia decided to leave her job as an art director in Paris to go and build her mobile mini house, even her friends and family were surprised. At the time, what would become the Tiny Houses Movement was just gaining momentum. In 2016, the company was launched near Nantes by Laëtitia and her partner Vincent Bouhours. It now boasts the realization of nearly 40 tiny houses.

Among them, this tiny house, named Ala Köl, displays a resolutely contemporary architecture. Inside, everything is made to measure. "We must focus on the essential needs of the clients, be creative and have a good vision of the space. It's important to pay attention to the details, because in a mini-home, it's the smallest things that you notice the most," explains Laëtitia, who likes to describe her design as "artisanal".

"Some people refuse to take on 25 years of debt to buy a conventional house," Laëtitia observes. "It's another vision of property, but above all it's an awareness of current and future environmental issues."

By shaking up their consumer habits, these tiny house enthusiasts therefore make the choice to surround themselves only with essential things. "They are looking for more simplicity, they aren't bothered by the superfluous! The idea is to return to a more sustainable way of life. The major challenge of light housing is to be concerned about its impact on the environment".

Tiny HousePhoto credit: Vincent Bouhours
Laetitia DupréPhoto credit: Lindsay Porphyre
Laetitia Dupré

Laëtitia DUPÉ

Since 2016: Co-founder, Co-manager and designer, Baluchon, Le Pallet, France

2014/2015: Self-construction of the 1st Tiny House, Nantes, France

2010/2013: Product designer then art director, Groupe Manutan, Gonesse, France

2010: Master's degree in design and Master's in business management and administration, University of Nantes

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Published on 10.07.23