Impacts 2022 – Elodie LEPALUDIER, Alumni 2011


The child is the expert: developing fun tools to promote learning opportunities for children


Senior concept designer at LEGO, Elodie is responsible for the physical design of LEGO Technology elements which incorporates many aspects such as functionality, modularity, engineering, visual expression, etc.

"With LEGO Technology, we develop methods that are used to teach children to program and that bring an educational dimension to play" explains Elodie, "This can range from a simple brick that emits sounds or lights up to "smart LEGO" with more advanced technology such as motion sensors that allow a robot to orient itself in space or the creation of a motor combined with a connected box (HUB) for building a programmable vehicle".

Passionate about new technologies, Élodie Lepaludier is convinced that children can acquire the fundamentals of programming from a very young age and that "learning these new technologies will allow them to develop very profitable skills later on".

"Coding, which combines logic and intuition, is a way to test their creativity and answer their many logical and practical questions."

It is the immersion and testing phases with the children that she finds most exciting. "Only the best game experience survives the selection made by the kids and the great thing is that there is no filter! As users, they know best. Besides, at the LEGO group, we don't pretend to know everything. The child is the expert".

Elodie LEPALUDIERCredits: LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set
Elodie LEPALUDIERCredits: LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set


Since 2018: Senior Concept Designer / Technology Lead, LEGO Group, Billund, Denmark

2015: Industrial Designer, Design it, Aarhus, Denmark

2014: Co-founder and Industrial Designer, The Deer & Me, Aarhus, Denmark

2012/2014: Freelance Industrial Designer, Aalborg, Denmark

2011: Master’s degree in design

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Published on 24.08.23