Since 1971, education on emotional life has been a compulsory subject in the school curriculum. In addition, since 2001, pupils have to attend three annual sessions on the subject. In reality, 25% of schools skip these sessions. How can this non-compliance with the law be justified? Is it due to a lack of training, time, means or the embarrassment of adults regarding a sensitive subject? To meet this need, Pauline created a virtual assistant that guides elementary school teachers through the three annual awareness sessions. Aminimo consists of a web application and five connected plush toys that create a bond between child and adult and provide valuable emotional support.


"Through her work with teachers and children, Pauline has understood the barriers associated with such topics in the classroom."

Marion Moussu
Teaching Manager Master Design et stratégie de l’innovation

'The National Education program requires teachers to address different aspects of sexual and emotional life with their pupils. Although the program is age-appropriate, it is not widely followed in schools.

Through her work with teachers and children, Pauline has understood the barriers associated with such topics in the classroom. She has designed a complete support solution to meet the needs of each user: for teachers and children, a mascot object allows everyone to overcome their apprehensions. For parents and teachers, a digital platform provides information on the resources, curriculum and vocabulary to use.The Aminimo solution is scalable: it accompanies the child throughout his or her schooling and adapts to the program to be followed. By creating a well-rounded tool, Pauline has made it easy to understand the benefits. She encourages users to think about its future uses. Aminimo accommodates all points of view and thus gets the backing of the stakeholders.' Marion Moussu - Teaching Manager Master Design et Stratégie de l'Innovation

This project was selected as part of Design L'Expo 2021 and was exhibited at La Cale 2 Créateurs from 4 December 2021 to 27 February 2022.

Pauline Dandonneau

Designer:Pauline Dandonneau

Motto : "With great power comes great responsibility." (Ben Parker)

2019 (6 months):
Webdesigner at Portail VIH/Sida, Quebec, Montreal,

2019 - 2021:
MDes in Design & Innovation Strategy at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, France

2016 - 2017:
Vocational degree in Digital Arts with a specialization in Web Design and Multimedia at the University of Cergy Pontoise, Cergy, France

2015 - 2018:
Multimedia graphic designer at Bureau Information Jeunesse de l’Orne, Alençon, France

Published on 22.09.22