Safe Sexe

In France today, the number of STDs in young people is growing at an alarming rate. This resurgence can be explained by the diminished focus on AIDS prevention since the 80s and 90s. Yet the medical progress linked to the treatment of AIDS has had a perverse side effect: young people no longer feel the need to use protection.

Corentin Jouron, in bachelor motion design, wanted to produce a guide to “how not to catch an STD” in video format for 18-24 year-olds. It deals with all aspects of hygiene and good practices before embarking on sexual relations. The protagonist is exposed to several scenarios thus raising awareness about safe sex. The character, full of humor and lightheartedness, would replace the adverts found on certain dating apps.


This project is part of Design portfolio 2020, a selection of 36 projects from this year which bear witness to the talent, creativity and know-how developed by the students during their undergraduate studies.

Published on 01.01.21